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Right next door to DSSOLVR, at 61 1/2 N Lexington Ave, we’re stoked to introduce VOWL, a place that’s all decked-out in a Bohemian Glam-Rock vibe. Here at VOWL, we’re showcasing DSSOLVR’s killer Natural Wine and Cider selections and launching an epic new Cocktail program. Just like our beers, we’re mixing old-school classics with some sleek, inventive new recipes.

VOWL is like a punk rock explosion in a bright, airy spot—think lush greens mixed with bold pink and green decor. All this is set against the historic 1920s Tyler Building, making it the perfect backdrop for a night that’s both edgy and inviting.

It’s not just a spot for top-notch drinks; it’s also our premier venue for private parties and special events. From intimate gatherings to massive celebrations, this place is geared to rock every event, making each one as legendary as the next.