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Sup with those doors?

Those are the original, handcrafted, Oak doors from when the building was built in 1928! Whoa! Yes, we’re keeping them.


What kind of beers do you make?

Everything from Lagers, English Ales and IPA to Wood-Fermented Funky/Wild Biers and more! We’re adding new beers every week, checkout our constantly updating tap list for info.


Where can I find your beer?

We’ve got draft and package floating around throughout North Carolina, and you can expect to see more DSSOLVR out-of-state in the very near future! Check with your local bottle shop and peep the IG for the latest info.


Can we bring dogs?

Not inside. We do have an outdoor patio where they can chill.


Can we bring kids?

Until 7pm, and then we’re 21+.

Do you need any help with taste testing? I drink for free.

Lol. No.