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Rate Beers Best Brewer by Subregion

Vince Tursi at DSSOLVR Voted Best New Brewer!

RateBeer Best for the year 2020 examines more than 715 thousand beers from over 35 thousand brewers around the world. We’ve also reviewed over 69 thousand places — bars, taprooms, brewpubs, etc. — as well. The award winners here often represent the tiniest fraction of the very best that our reviewers have experienced. Our RateBeer Best New Brewer awards go out to fewer than 1/5th of 1% of qualifying breweries. Our RateBeer Best Best Top Brewer awards are presented to fewer than 1/3rd of 1%. These are highly coveted and hard earned medallions. It’s our community’s pleasure to honor each one of our winners in our RateBeer Best for the year 2020.

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