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Hop Culture’s Best Label Designs of 2020

Hop Culture’s Best Label Designs of 2020

DSSOLVR celebrates the surreal, a cultural movement perfectly embodied in the strange art of co-founder Mike Semenec. Like René Magritte, Salvador Dalí, and Max Ernst, and the other Surrealist artists, Semenec juxtaposes color (who would’ve expected orange and green to go together so well?) as well as art elements.

On this can, the classic figure of the dangerous, invading alien looks almost friendly. With the name of the beer under the figure, it almost seems as if the alien itself is thanking the drinker for existing. And what’s kinder than that?

Additionally, DSSOLVR mixes things up by placing Kolsch — a traditional German-style — on a menu with New School styles like their terrific hazy IPAs and sours.

The results? A beer and can that nail the surreal aesthetic.

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