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Hop Culture’s Best Brewery Instagram Account

Hop Culture’s Best of 2020:
Best Instagram Account

“At a quick glance, the DSSOLVR account is utter chaos. Surrealist, meme-worthy visuals with contrasting colors create a bizzaro landscape that befuddles the mind. But take a closer look and you notice the detailed planning and organization that goes into managing such a complex web.

Personally, I’m never that interested in Instagram accounts that prioritize the grid. For the most part, the images that look connected in grid view feel disjointed on their own. But that’s why DSSOLVR’s account is so impressive. As discrete images, each post makes sense. Then, when you return to the grid, you realize that elements from that first post carry over into the next one, creating an epic (and definitely cursed) tableau.

We’ve long been impressed by DSSOLVR’s work creating delicious beer and compelling can designs. But, if you want a single distillation of the minds behind DSSOLVR, head to instagram.com/dssolvr.”


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