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Hissing and Kissing – Twilight Pride Party

June 9, 2023 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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In the moonlit woods, a sensual air hangs heavy as a lone figure emerges from the shadows. Their piercing, crimson gaze flickers with hunger for blood… and perhaps something deeper. 

As fate would have it, a captivating stranger wanders directly into their path with eyes reflecting the same unquenchable desire. Their hearts begin to race in sync, drawn together by an irresistible force. In a passionate embrace beneath the ancient trees, they surrender to a forbidden love. Fusing the darkness of night with the flames of desire, they ignite a timeless bond that would forever entwine their souls… 

June 9th, get ready loca… Or, idk, something like that. It’s a Twilight Party!

DSSOLVR presents: Hissing and Kissing …A Seductive Twilight Pride Party

Hold on tight, spider-monkeys, we are getting both spooky AND sexy to celebrate Pride! Join us as we honor the LGBTQ+ community at our upcoming Pride event. Let’s unite in a realm where acceptance reigns, fangs are fabulous, and everyone can proudly embrace their truest selves. DSSOLVR will be donating a dollar of each kolsch sale to Tranzmission and a donation option to Asheville Drag Brunch with each transaction.

With the DARKLORD of the Dancefloor Grimmjoi playing all the vampire bangers and hits from the film franchise.

Moonlit Menus from TWO fang-tastic vendors: Rachael and Rosa will be here slingin’ the savory eats and Mount Patisserie with some bloody good treats for those of you with a sweet tooth!  MWAHAHAHAHA!

Strike a pose in our Vampire Vogue photo booth, where you can dazzle  your friends and create stylishly haunting memories.

Indulge in our newest creation of fermented products! SINFUL SANGRIA! As well as Blood Red Slushies, and Jinxed Jello Shots.

Also, it’s Nick’s Birthday. I promised him a party, and he only gave me the subtle hint of sending me like 1,000 blursed twilight videos. If you see him, please say, “Cheers, Nick!” SAY IT. OUT LOUD. SAY IT!