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Here To Hammer – Release Party

March 3, 2023 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Here to Hammer

Clawhammer Collab Release Party

IT’S HAMMER TIME (we had to say it)

Our newest American Pils, “HERE TO HAMMER”, is here to party! And to hammer!

We teamed up with the homebrewing madhouse and Youtube sensation that is Clawhammer Supply to ask the question: “What’s the difference between a $1,000 system and a $1,000,000 brewing system?” Or, like…a $1M+ facility… Idk, close enough. 

Come down to the taproom for a Release Party on Friday 3/3 at 5PM to see some cool Clawhammer videos on the screens, eat a Kimchi Dog from Not Mild Foods and slam a couple-a these bad little ditty’s.

We painstakingly scaled the recipe down for their system, utilized the exact same grains and hops, fermented with the same yeast, and followed very, very similar processes as best we could. We even brewed it at the same time in our facility and they filmed the whole thing! So, please, do us a big favor and hit the follow button on their page, subscribe to their channel, smash that like button, and buckle in for a fun ride to Chippy Boi™ Flavor-ville. 

Brewed with 100% @riverbendmalt consisting entirely of Chesapeake Pilsner. Hopped solely with American-grown Summit hops in the boil and in a chilled Whirlpool for maximum flavor. Fermented low and slow with our House Lager yeast and spunded for dat wonderful natty carb before being laid down to rest for a couple-two-tree moons in our Horizontal Lager Tanks. Hell to the yeah, y’all.

This series is an exploration of American “Noble” Hops on a Pilsner base, so keep your eyes peeled for a new iteration in the “Here to…” series sooner than later as we are pretty happy with the newest tweaks to the base beer we’ve made! And this one hammers!

It’s maybe like a nice cup Chamomile Jasmine Tea while mowing your beautiful lawn, freshly toasted Baguettes after a hard day of work, a slathering of classic earthy-Pilsner tones, and wrapped up by a dry and crispy finish with a refreshing and pronounced minerality. It’s a Pilsner, y’all. You know what to look for and it’s “Here to Hammer”.

Available Weds 3/1 in cans and on draft in the taproom, pre-order now on the webshop! And Join us for the Official Release Party on Fri 3/3 in the taproom, too! The Clawhammer gang is gonna swing by for a bit, too! Come hang and hammer and drink and watch videos and subscribe and smash that like button and be merry!