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“Danky Dancing” is a new DDH Hazy IPA, and it’ll make ya dance. Mashed with a base of @riverbendmalt 2-Row and a medley of White and Flaked Wheat, along with some Flaked Oats for good measure. We then hit it with Mandarina Bavaria in the Whirlpool, fermented it with our House IPA yeast, and spunded for dat natural carb. Dry hopped once with Michigan Copper, and then dry-hopped a second time with EVEN MORE Michigan Copper and Mandarina Bavaria, along with a hefty dose of Zappa and a whole bunch of Mosaic Lupomax.

We wanted to let the cellar team pick a hop bill, and they certainly delivered. We experience a bunch of Tangerine wedges in a glass of Fruit Punch, some sorta Tropical flavors, a bit of White Pear, and a pronounced, but very balanced dankness. Very fruity, very dank, very balanced, super crushable. So crushable…it’ll make ya dance!