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It’s our forever quest to bring you the most SURREAL offerings we can craft, highlighting the best and greatest of both OLD SCHOOL and NEW SCHOOL brews. That means Lagers, IPAs (clear AND hazy), Wild Ales, Big Ol’ Stouty Stouts, Super Sessions, and everything in between. In our surrealist endeavors, we work with local farmers, artisans, and makers of all kinds in an effort to expand our tastes and visuals beyond your average horizons. 

While we’re the most passionate about beer, the root of our curiosity lies in fermentation itself. To feed that thirst, we explore a whole smattering of beverages outside the realm of beer, including Wines, Ciders, and Meads, as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

With DSSOLVR, you can expect the unexpected as we crush our way through the whole spectrum of tastes and flavors. 

Don’t expect any more vowels, though…no matter what your spell check says.