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Oh hey, you!! In our efforts to share new opportunities for internal growth here at DSSOLVR we have created this Internal Jobs page. Please use this page to apply for any position listed below. If there’s nothing there and you think there should be, please feel free to write in a position we should consider. And don’t forget to include a Cover Letter and updated Résumé.

These are Job Opportunities for Current Employees, please do not share with outside contacts.


General/Taproom Manager

We are super excited to offer the opportunity to help lead our FOH team!

Our taproom is the most vital contact point our customers have to DSSOLVR. Our GM’s leadership and insight will ensure that our guests will have the most SURREAL experience possible when visiting. Our ideal candidate will guide the FOH team and work directly with the Sales Manager and Marketing team to equip all DSSOLVR team members with the tools and knowledge to provide excellent service. We are looking for an organized and understanding person that will strive for a pleasant work environment while making sure individual and team tasks are done properly and on time. With the growing nature of this business, we will need a GM that can rise to help with new challenges and readily contribute with solutions.

Direct Supervisors:
1- Sales Manager: Gary McDermott
2- Marketing Sensei: Michael Semenec 

You will first train with our current GM and aim for a seamless transition as they exit their current role over the course of a few weeks.


Including, but not limited to:

  • Assisting in interviewing and hiring FOH staff
  • Onboarding new-hires with legal and benefits paperwork
  • Scheduling FOH staff for taproom
  • Tuesday weekly meeting attendance (disseminate sales/taproom feedback and info)
  • Coordinating HR Training company-wide
  • Managing inventory and coordinating orders for taproom foods/drinks/supplies
  • Managing and training FOH staff
  • Managing facilities maintenance/upkeep, including coordination and payment of cleaner
  • Writing, disseminating and executing SOPs for all taproom-related procedures.
  • Managing internal banking for taproom sales, including maintaining accuracy of safe logs and cash-on-hand and withdrawals on a weekly basis.
  • Monitoring daily reports and paying attention to trends in order to help sales and production managers with planning, forecasting, product mix and delegation of package.
  • Managing FOH labor and tip reporting.
  • Monitoring and reporting inventory regularly to sales team.
  • General admin/office work as needed. 
  • Payroll and bank reconciliation / logging and depositing checks on a weekly basis.
  • Ensuring all healthcode standards are met throughout the taproom at all times.
  • Managing inventory for online store and taproom, and managing logs and tips.
  • Managing and coordinating menus with design manager.
  • Improving overall condition, appearance, environment and efficiency of taproom.
  • Work no more than 2 bar shifts per week.

These responsibilities will be reassessed after no less than 30 and no more than 90 days

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