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GABBA FOOLS – Sopranos Party

April 6 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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Ayyyyy, you’re not gonna believe this! Get ready for Gabba Fools, A Sopranos themed party! Call your therapist, because this April 6th at 6pm, we ain’t even jokin’. Bada Bing!

A night of track suits, gold chains, and slick back hair, where we toast the 25th year anniversary of everyone’s favorite family rom-com, The Sopranos. With all due respect, you’re a fool if you miss this!

It’s gonna be a real banger, capeesh? Come decked out as your favorite character. Get ready to bust a move to the beats of Dj Bridal Parti Bucardi and sip on some all new secret Vaperil Fools surprise brews!(If you’ve read this far, it’ll make sense later, I promise) Maybe even get into some “funny business” with our jello “mug” shots and “Some Pulp” Creamsicle Hard Slushies.

Gabba Fools at DSSOLVR, when you’re here, you’re family.