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Freaky Friday Two Tides Takeover

October 13, 2023 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm


After finding an ancient jello shot recipe inside a fortune cookie, DSSOLVR and Two Tides 

under a full moon concocted a jiggly spell! With a slurp, they downed their jello shots. Suddenly, the room began to spin, and a bright flash blinded them. When they could see again, something was different.

This Friday the 13th join us for a night of pint-sized mayhem and body-swapping hilarity

as Two Tides  are taking over the brewery, It’s a classic FREAKY FRIDAY SWITCHAROO!

So, what’s on the menu for this otherworldly exchange?

🍹 Signature Slushies: Experience the refreshing chill of Two Tides’ legendary slushies that will send shivers down your spine!

🧪 Two Tides Jello Shots: Dive into the wobbly world of jello shots with crazy flavors!

🍸 Craft “Cocktails”: Sip on Two Tides’ bewitching seltzer “cocktail” concoctions that will leave you spellbound!

🎧 DJ Spins: DJ Bridal Parti Bucardi will keep the beats flowing, and the dance floor rocking as if you’ve entered a different body yourself!

🍔 Food Popup: Feast on tantalizing treats from our special food popup Dead Beat Kitchen – because body-swapping can work up quite an appetite!

It’s a Friday the 13th that you won’t soon forget, so mark your calendars and invite your friends!