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Four Feet to Hell- Hotdog Eating Competition

July 17 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

A bald eagle screeches off in the distance, as you run a comb through your slicked back mullet. The sun beating down against the old western road, where twenty paces north stands The Devil himself shrouded in shadow holding four FOOT LONG HOTDOGS. Armed with a squeeze bottle of mustard holstered to your side, beads of sweat begin to drip from your hand and evaporate before hitting the dust-covered brick. The devil smirks and says “ARE YOU READY… TO GO BACK (pause for dramatic effect) TO HELL!!!”

That’s right! The fourth iteration of “Four Feet to Hell” is finally here! This July 17th at 7pm sharp we will watch our fearless glizzy-warriors stretch their tummies and loosen their belts, because our annual charity hotdog eating competition is BACK. Our competitors will battle it out to devour four foot-long hotdogs in a jaw-breaking race to finish in under 6 minutes and 66 seconds! The fastest warrior to do so will be hailed as our new 2024 Four Feet to Hell Champion.

A $5 Donation at the door gets you full access to NON-STOP GLIZZY GUZZLING ACTION! All donations go directly to the amazing non-profit MANNA Foodbank. That’s not even the best frickin’ part! With a $5 donation, you are automatically entered into a raffle to win insane prizes from awesome local businesses like The Chop Shop, New Origin, Eulogy, Betty Pizza, Orange Peel, The Whale, Level 256 Arcade, Flour, and more!!!!!

Plus our resident nocturnal glizzy-slingers Night Dogs will be cooking up badass dogs both regular and vegan for everyone here to enjoy the show! And you know we’ve got your suds ready to go with beer specials from DSSOLVR and surreal cocktails from VOWL.

When the first bird flies in the sky, when the first beast roars, when an eagle soars over the mountains when the wolf howls at the moon, only then will there be a true 2024 champion of “FOUR FEET TO HELL”