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Classic and Charming – Durham


Classic and Charming DSSOLVR Durham

Step into the nostalgia zone at DSSOLVR Durham’s “Classic and Charming” Arcade Party and market on 1/27! Immerse yourself in a day of free-to-play video games on every TV – from PS4 to Wii, NES to GameCube. Enjoy exclusive drink specials, capture memories in our epic photo booth, and sip on themed drinks that take you back. Plus, explore the magic of the ’90s with 1-2 carefully curated nostalgia-themed vendors. It’s a blend of classic gaming, vibrant spirits, and a touch of throwback charm—all in one place. And if your sipping rare brews at Rare and Vintage beer festival, level up your night after at DSSOLVR Durham’s “Classic and Charming” Arcade Party!