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Blowin’ Smoke – Standup Comedy Showcase

July 3 9:00 pm - July 3 10:00 pm

Finally! A vape inspired seltzer promoted comedy showcase July 3rd at 9pm. You asked for it so we’re doing it. Of course by “asked for it” I mean, the idea came to me when I was an undercover cop infiltrating a faction of felonious young people at a nearby university. (I have been told to redact the name.) (I’ve also now been told not to talk about being an undercover cop at my day job.)(I said “oh yah! Well.. they say write what you know! AND I KNOW ABOUT BEING AN UNDERCOVER COP INFILTRATING A FACTION OF FELONIOUS YOUNG PEOPLE AT A NEARBY UNIVERSITY!”)

…Anyway @modelfacecomedy has put together a group of the best local and regional comics who are much funnier than this copy, who will be telling jokes and vaping on stage! The audience is welcome to vape throughout the outdoor show.